Epic Combo

Most of us would probably never hit a turtle in real life so why not do it virtually? Epic Combo is the perfect combination between a humoristic and interactive experience that you probably would want to complete! The game has so many fun factors that there's no way you could quit half way through.

Your mission is to dash turtles and get cash and combos. Once you've reached a 10,000 combo you've won the game, and you should try to do it as fast as possible to receive even more points. However, in order to get Epic Combo you need something more than the oversized sledge you're using, you need upgradeable equipment you can buy in the shop. You must first dash quite a few turtles in order to have enough money to buy weapons and upgrades, but once you've got yourself some equipment your cash counter will raise fast!

The whole game is built on stress and hectic factors, and you often want to dash the turtles once more, but have to wait until that last turtle has stopped its journey through the room, causing nothing but waiting time for you. Epic Combo doesn't have a saving system, so you would want to try to complete the game in one game play, or else you would have to start all over again. This could easily be done by figuring out some smart tactic on how to get the greatest combo. Large combo equals to more pocket money, remember that!